Assets Under Management & Oversight


Assets Under Management

3.4 yr

Average fleet age

c. US$7.50bn

Asset Volume

Amedeo is the management company for Voyager Aviation Holdings, which consists of 23 aircraft leased to 10 airline customers,  9 countries worldwide.

Amedeo is the asset manager for 8x Airbus A380s, 2x Boeing 777-300ER and 4x A350-900XWB, which are on lease to either Emirates or Etihad Airways PJSC or Thai Airways as part of Amedeo Air Four Plus (listed on the London Stock Exchange in May-2015). The Company will further expand its pool of assets.

Amedeo is also the asset manager of 4x Airbus A380s leased to Emirates as part of DNA3, which was listed on the London Stock Exchange in July 2013. The overall transaction volume was about USD 1 billion with equity capital sourced in the UK institutional investor market and debt capital raised via an EETC issue in the US capital markets.

Further 2x Airbus A380s are currently being held on book.

Asset under oversight includes 8x A380s in Doric Nimrod Air One (“DNA1”) and Doric Nimrod Air Two (“DNA2”) which are listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2010 and 2012 respectively.

*Figures shown includes asset under management and oversight

Ordered Aircraft

Amedeo placed a 20 x A380 order with Airbus at the Singapore Airshow in February 2014.