• Mark Lapidus

    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

    Mark Lapidus

    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

  • Paul Kent

    President & Chief Commercial Officer

    Paul Kent

    President & Chief Commercial Officer

  • Bill Finn

    Chief Operating Officer

    Bill Finn

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Mike Lungariello

    Chief Financial Officer

    Mike Lungariello

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Daniel Perez

    Chief Technical Officer

    Daniel Perez

    Chief Technical Officer

  • Mohamed El-Boraï


    Mohamed El-Boraï


Track Record

Amedeo, Centerbridge and Reservoir Agree On Strategic Partnership Involving Intrepid Aviation

Centerbridge Partners, L.P. (“Centerbridge”) and Reservoir Capital Group, L.L.C. (“Reservoir”) have agreed to acquire a minority stake in Amedeo Capital Limited (“Amedeo”) as part of their continued investment strategy in the aviation industry. Amedeo will acquire the U.S. management subsidiary of Voyager Aviation Holdings Group (“Voyager”) and will make a minority investment in Voyager as part of a broader strategic partnership where Amedeo will provide management and aircraft support services to Intrepid. Additional new assets includes 30 aircraft leased to 13 airline customers,  11 countries worldwide.

Amedeo’s portfolio under management

  • 14x A380s leased to Emirates and Etihad, 2x 777-300ERs leased to Emirates and 4x A350s leased to Thai Airways under management and;
  • 8x A380s leased to Emirates under oversight.

Equity raised since 2015

  • c. US$1 billion of equity raised via the London Stock Exchange.

Commercial Debt

  • Amedeo’s management team has long-term established relationships with senior lenders in the aviation space and has a strong track record having raised over US$3 billion of aircraft debt financing since 2015.

Amedeo A380s Order at the Singapore Air show

  • Amedeo is the third largest Airbus A380 customer, after Emirates and Singapore Airlines, with an order for 20 aircraft.

EETC Issues in the US Capital Markets

  • The Amedeo team has raised more than $1.2 billion in the US Capital Markets since 2012.

First of Its Kind EETC Issue in 2012

  • Amedeo have completed the first EETC financing in the US capital markets for a non-US issuer post-financial crisis.
  • First USD EETC backed by aircraft on lease to Emirates
  • First USD denominated EETC from a non-US issuer
  • First EETC to use the A380 aircraft as a collateral
  • First lessor-operator EETC since the early 2000s
  • First EETC to rely on Cape Town mortgages

Financing of the world’s first A380 aircraft with Singapore Airlines

Global Recognition

Amedeo’s deal capabilities and industry knowledge across the aviation sector is unmatched, which is why the firm’s transactions are held up year after year as exemplary by influential publications.


Lessor of the Year Award Overall Deal of the Year


Aircraft Leasing Innovator of the Year


Editor’s Deal of the Year Award


Operating Lease Deal of the Year-Middle East Best Global Widebody Acquisition and Leasing Company Award (AA4P)


Best Aircraft Trading & Management Company (AA4P) UK Institutional Fund Arranger of the Year Overall European Equity Deal of the Year

Business Conduct & Policies

Amedeo Services (UK) Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.