What We Do

Amedeo is a dedicated and actively managed widebody operating lessor based in Dublin, Ireland. Amedeo is focused on the widebody leasing sector and has secured an equity partnership with a New York-based private equity firm for the financing of its A380 order with Airbus, which was announced at the Singapore Airshow in February 2014. Amedeo has a global customer reach and is acting in a principal investment capacity with respect to both aircraft acquisitions and sale and leaseback transactions.

History and Track Record

Amedeo’s team has a combined aviation industry experience of over 130 years encompassing sourcing, structuring and executing of aircraft transactions, equity and capital raising for aircraft investment companies, BFE procurement and aircraft trading and management.

The Amedeo management team’s long and established aviation track record encompasses landmark and award-winning transactions, with multiple industry awards for innovation, including:

2014: Aircraft Leasing Innovator of the Year 2014 (Global Transport Finance)

2013: Overall Deal of the Year 2013 (Airline Economics)

2013: Lessor of the Year 2013 (Global Transport Finance)

2012: Innovative Deal of the Year 2012 (Global Transport Finance) for the first EETC financing in the US capital markets for a non-US issuer since the financial crisis.

2012: Innovative Deal of the Year 2011 (Airfinance Journal)

2011: Aircraft Leasing Innovator of the Year 2011 (Jane’s Transport Finance) for the development of the institutional market for aircraft investments in the UK.


Members of Amedeo’s senior management team co-founded Doric in 2005 and were the key architects of an aviation portfolio of 35 aircraft worth about USD 6 billion, which was built between 2005 and June 2013. All 35 aircraft were financed as part of sale and lease back transactions and include:

13 x A380s and 5 x 777s with Emirates

5 x A380s with Singapore Airlines

1 x 777-300ER with Cathay Pacific

2 x A320s with AirAsia

2 x A319s with Virgin America

1 x A320-200 with Air Mauritius

2 x A340-600 with Virgin Atlantic